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Discover The Learning Options We Offer

We love to teach and we believe in empowering people with a new language.


Online Skype™ Lessons

Through online video using Skype ™, you have the ability to learn Spanish in real time and in the comfort of your own home.


Student Classes

With organised lesson planning, plus a focus on interactive learning exercises and objectives, classes are designed to suit the way in which young minds learn best.
(*Australian working with Children’s check and international police check certified)


Group Lessons

Come and join our group lessons at advertised venues, or even create your own group, and learn Spanish together with friends you haven’t met yet.


Private Tuition

Learn in person or online with Sara, and improve your Spanish skills for your next school test, university exam, holiday or employment opportunity.

About Me

Meet Sara

Hello, I am Sara and I’m a teacher from the city of Valladolid in Spain. I am currently living in Australia, where I am now teaching my beautiful language to everyone.

I have traveled the world, and during my time in the United States, England and here in Australia I have shared my language with many people who are passionate about learning Spanish. I hold a degree from the University of Valladolid in Elementary Education emphasising bilingualism in Spanish & English, and I also hold Australian working with children checks, plus international checks.

I have a big passion and motivation to help others learn and speak Spanish. I’d love to meet you, and teach you my language for your studies, or business, or holiday, or just for fun!


Sara Peña

Benefits Of Learning Online

With classes run day or night on Skype™, online video calls are the easiest way to learn.


Why Learn Spanish Online?

Learning Spanish online through one-on-one Skype™ video lessons, is the ultimate way to study from the comfort of your own home or office. Through any Skype™ accessible internet connected phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer device, the classroom is anywhere you are. No longer is distance and time of day a barrier to learning, because your private teacher is now just at your fingertips.


A Personalised Experience Ready To Help You

With your own private teacher, as a student of eAdacemy you have a dedicated fluent Spanish interpreter available by Skype™, phone, text or email, most hours of the day, ready to help you navigate the Spanish language and culture. Have a last minute exam question? Are you on holiday in Spain and needing some help? Having a dedicated teacher and interpreter at your fingertips is all part of what we do.



Without the need to travel, and by picking hours that suit you, being in the comfort of your own home or office is the most convenient way to learn.


Save Time & Money

Without the cost and time in traveling to and from a teacher, learning online is the easiest and cheapest classroom for anyone.


Day Or Night

Book an available time day or night, and benefit from a one-on-one learning experience that fits your schedule.

Prices and Packages

Pay for video Skype™ classes securely online with your Bank, Mastercard or Visa using Paypal.

$30 pr/hr
Hourly Lessons
Pay By The Hour
Learn One-on-One
Individualised Learning
$22 pr/hr
Santiago Package
20 Hours Included
Beginner & Intermediary Classes
Set Learning Objectives
Lesson Plans & Guides
Homework & Exercise Materials
Free 15-Minute Capability Test
Total Value- $440 (Inc GST)


Frequently asked questions.

How are your lessons taught?

My lessons are all about fun and interactivity. Formal and informal forms, useful expression and everyday language are just some of many lessons to take anybody from any level of Spanish towards a greater level of fluency. Exercise materials, interactive learning, and homework tasks are all part of a well-rounded learning experience I create.

Why is learning Spanish important?

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language after English, with over 495 million people around the world speaking it. As one of the most popular and widely spoken languages, the employment and travel possibilities knowing Spanish are limitless.

How long does it take to learn a language?

Every person is different, but even a few hours a week could be enough to help you understand the basics of the Spanish language. Like any language, it takes time and effort to be able to achieve fluency, but with time that desired level you’re seeking can be achieved. A few hours for days, weeks or months will all help you understand the language, and with time and practice you will keep acquiring the knowledge needed to finally reach your ideal level of fluency.

Should I learn Spanish before I go on holiday overseas?

If you’re venturing into one of the 20 or more countries around the world that are Spanish speakers including Spain, Latin America, and parts of the United States, then knowing the Spanish language will transform your travel experiences completely. Discovering new cultures and lifestyles along the way will also allow you to interact with locals and communities on a deeper level, all while meeting new people and creating life long friendships.

Why Learn a Second Language?

Learning a new language has been proven to increase your brainpower, at the same time as improving your decision-making skills. Learning another language will also help you be more open minded and tolerant to other cultures and customs.

Benefits For Langages for Children?

As a child there is no better time to learn a language, as supple minds can retain and construct language much easier then adults can in later life. Giving your child the advantage by learning a second language now not only helps expand their mind, it also makes them better decision makers, quicker problem solvers and better students.

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